How to grow beards naturally

How to grow beards naturally

Have you wanted to grow beards? It is a good idea. No shave November is around the corner too. This might, therefore, be the best time to grow your beards. If your hair growth is slow, you will have to do something to make it grow faster. The question is, what needs to be done? To get more tips on how to grow your facial hair naturally, read on.

How to grow beards naturally

Healthy diet

Everything that grows needs inner nutrition. Your hair is no exception. The better you eat, the more nutrients you will have for the beards to grow. Make sure to eat the right foods that benefit your health. All your meals must contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and a lot of water. So much of the above might be seen as harmful, but they are not. Hair is made of protein. Therefore, the more proteins you eat, the faster your hair grows.


While diet is the primary thing, exercise acts as the secondary. Exercise helps in improving the circulation of blood. For your hair to grow the right way, you must have a smooth blood circulation. The biology behind blood circulation and hair growth is that the blood helps circulate nutrients to all parts of the body. In addition to that, hair growth needs a lot of testosterone hormone. Exercise triggers the production of this hormone. With nutrients and enough testosterone levels, you will grow strong and thick hair.

Avoid stress

Stress is not good for your general body health. It could lead to serious diseases. People with stress are prone suffering heart-related diseases. Stress hinders the normal functioning of the body, in fact, it shuts down some body functions. To avoid stress, be yourself, get enough sleep and laugh your heart out. Avoid tensions and burdens you cannot handle, and you will stay a stress-free life.


Hormones are responsible for all happenings in the body. As discussed above, testosterone hormone is needed for the growth of hair. Apart from that men need multivitamins like zinc and vitamin D for faster hair growth. The only way to make sure that your body is getting all necessary nutrients is by taking supplements or multivitamins.

Use beard oil

Beard oils and creams are available in the market. To enhance your beard growth, search for the best and get one for yourself. They will help keep your beard soft as well.