A scarf is a simple accessory that transforms any simple outfit into an amazing one. People assume that scarfs are for keeping warm during winter, but that should not be the case. You can rock the accessory all year long and look amazing. Below are tips on how to freshen your look and look amazing with a scarf. Many people overlook the scarf, but to people who know its uses, it has done them good in many ways.

Scarf fashion tips

Keep it in your purse

If you had gone out with friends and wanted to enhance your look, a scarf will be of great use. It is for this reason that a scarf must never miss in your purse. A scarf allows you to dress up anytime anywhere without rushing home to change. You only need to tie it around your neck the way you love it and your look changes in seconds. A scarf is versatile and amazing as it can dress any clothing including a tee shirt.

Think out of the box

Apart from tying it around your neck, how else can a scarf be used? Take, for instance, you were out with friends, and you decide to go dancing. What happens if you do not have the right dancing outfit and you do not want to or do not have time to go home and change? A scarf will save you big time here, tie it around your waist and allow it dress up your current clothes. With a scarf, you do not have to carry a million outfits to change for each occasion. It can dress up your current outfit to fit the occasion at hand.

The quick Up-Do

This is about your hair. At times after a busy day and you decide to shop with friends, you might want to put your hair up. Assume that you had only carried bobby pins or a hair tie with you. The two might not be strong enough to hold your hair up, but with a scarf, your worries are dealt with. Twist your hair into a burn and tie the scarf around the base of the bun. You will get an amazing new look saving you from the simple ponytail. You will now use the bobby pins to keep the hair and scarf at place. I am sure you have learned a thing or two on how to use a scarf.