Common mistakes made with conditioners

Common mistakes made with conditioners

Using your conditioner regularly is a simple yet effective way of keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. It is, however, important to use the conditioner in the right way for effective results. Below are common mistakes people make when using hair conditioners.

Using hair conditioners

Your hair type

Many people use conditioners that do not match their hair type. It is important to consider hair texture, length, thickness, dryness, and level of damage before using any hair product. The expected results will be attained if you use the right type of conditioner. For example, people with colored hair should use a particular conditioner. Conditioners have label directions on the package, go through the directions and only buy that which matches your hair type.

Starting application at the wrong place

Hair conditioner should be applied from the tips to the roots. The idea is to apply it from the top where the hair is most damaged to the bottom. The tips are more dry and old too. Slowly apply the conditioner down the scalp. If you start applying the conditioner from the scalp up, you risk making them oily.

Not applying evenly

This mostly affects people who apply their conditioner in the morning before they leave for work. Due to the morning rush, they tend not to apply the conditioner in all parts of the hair. It is, however, advisable to make sure that you apply the conditioner to all parts of the hair. It must be fully covered or coated. To achieve this, use a wide comb mostly used with thick air and curls.

Not rinsing the hair properly

If you do not rinse the shampoo and conditioner properly, you are risking your hair follicles being clogged. With time there will be a buildup of hair products which will result in lifeless and dull hair. It is wise to put extra time and effort and make sure that your hair is clean. People with long wavy hair may need longer rinsing sessions.

Do not rinse immediately

This is the least effective way to keep your hair healthy and shiny. A conditioner is supposed to act as a moisturizer; you will achieve the best results if you let the conditioner penetrate and work in the hair. Leave the conditioner for about two minutes before rinsing it. If you properly use the tips above, your hair will grow strong and healthy day by day.